Cinemìcinemà is an International School Short Film Festival for young people and school students. They can put into practice their creativity by having fun and by sharing it with peers from other countries. It takes place in Arezzo, Tuscany, in the month of April when spring is blooming and it’s in Honor and memory of Mario Maldesi.

Dubbing is considered to be one of the Festival main features cause a famous Italian dubbing director, Mario Maldesi, shared with us his expertise. He opened up his book of memories as if he was telling the students a fairy tale with all the magic of the most famous Italian and international directors from the 60s onwards like Fellini (Amarcord 1973), Visconti (Il Gattopardo 1963), NIchols (The Graduate 1967), Kubrick (Clockwork Orange 1971, Shining 1980), Lucas (Star Wars 1977), M. Brooks (Frankestein Junior 1974) and Friedklin (The Exorcist 1973) just to quote some. So, the name of the Festival was chosen after a famous phrase in “Frankenstein Jr.” – “Werewolf” “There” “What?” “There wolf, there castle”. He was so able to translate it in Italian without changing its meaning and rythm sounding “Lupo ulula” “Lupo ululà, castello ululì”. Try to say “CinemìCinemà” – doesn’t it sound the same? We thought so. He was also our special guest and guide in the 2010, 2011and 2012 editions.

Therefore during the Festival every year we dedicate some space to a retrospective of his career and organize some dubbing workshops in his honour.

Some info

The festival is open to Italian and international students and young video makers. We have some collaborations with Short Film Festivals in Italy and abroad, like the Edinburgh Short Film Festival and Quindici19 Festival in Rome.  Every year we host international guests – so far from Belgium, India, the Kirov Film Festival and the USA, last a group of Native Americans, the Menomenee Tribe.

Cinemìcinemà strives to encourage the talent of younger generations and to provide them with opportunities to tell their stories, network with their peers and be recognized for their creativity.

Mission and goal

The aim of the Festival is to raise awareness and promote all the various aspects of video making: from directing to editing, photography, acting and film dubbing, in a spirit of freedom and tolerance.   We also intend to establish relationships between Italian and foreign schools as well as with young foreign video makers in order to create and encourage contacts which start from a common interest in film making and go beyond by getting distant cultures closer and developing friendships.

It all started in 2010 in collaboration with V.Fossombroni High School in Arezzo. The students were offered the opportunity to show their videos in an official and somehow professional context, to meet and host foreign students from AFS International and not only, to use and practice foreign languages and all this in the intent of widening their horizons and overcoming prejudices.

9th Edition – March 2018