Winners of the Ninth Edition

The ninth edition of CinemìCinemà International Short Film Festival organised by CinemìCinemà Cultural Association was a great success: the winners were selected between the more than 3000 short movies submitted from 115 countries. The award ceremony was held at the Virginian theatre, in Arezzo, in the morning of Saturday 24th March in front of an international audience.

Three were the categories of the festival: the award for the “Free theme” section went to Those who love, from the turkish-norwegian director Nefise Özkal Lorentzen. The award for “Coup de théatre” went to the funny Punchline made by the young director Christoph M. Saber, an Egyptian who studied in Switzerland. The third award for the Animation section went to the ironic Enough by Anna Mantzaris from Sweden.

The jury has also decided to award some special prizes: Ruth’s Great Escape by Thomas Bangert, USA, has been awarded with the ciak for best director. The best actor award went to Jordi Cadellans, one of the lead actors  of the dark comedy El abogado, by Ignacio F. Rodó, from Spain. Anhela by Diego Rufo was awarded a special prize for the great sensibility and respect shown in talking about such sensible theme as death.

On Friday night the festival was opened by the soundtracks of famous movies such as The Postman and (by Fellini) performed live by the students of the Liceo musicale “F. Petrarca” di Arezzo, followed by the screening of a selection of animation short movies. 

The festival was anticipated by a week of digital workshops held for Italian students and the international guests: a group from St. Anne-Pacelli School di Columbus, in Georgia (USA), and the international AFS students that took part to the weekly exchange programme in Arezzo during their long term stay in Italy, coming fromThailand, Poland, Hong Kong, Netherlands, China, Hungary , Argentina e Dominican Republic. 

CinemìCinemà International Short Film Festival has the official recognition from Regione Toscana, Provincia di Arezzo and Comune di Arezzo, is proud to be in partnership with Edinburgh Short Film Festival,  Festival Quindici19 (Roma), AFS Intercultura, the publisher Pearson Longman, the TV network TSD, Centro Il Garage, liceo “Francesco Petrarca”, liceo “Francesco Redi” and Isis “Buonarroti – Fossombroni” from Arezzo.