The Association

CinemìCinemà is a nonprofit cultural association. It was created to organize CinnemìCinemà Festival, stages, workshops, activities , galleries, movie discussions and reviews, cultural exchanges and fund-raising events. Furthermore, we make sure that movies’ and theatre’s world are seen as part of the educational path that each individual should take; we also make sure that there’s always a multicultural exchange.Those are the reasons why taking videos and making creative labs are  such important steps for our association.

The Association, maintaing its beliefs, offers different opportunities to the associates and every school that is interested; there is in fact no age limits to participate to our packages.

CinemìCinemà Adventure gives students the chance to improve their english by studying abroad during the summer.

CinemìCinemà Express is our imaginary train that carries our projects to each school.

CinemìCinemà International Short Film Festival held in Spring in Arezzo, Italy.

CinemìCinemà In The World embraces every exchange project, including the ones we have done with Indian and Belgian schools.

Rainbow Project has an impact on our society as it is a charity project for those who isn’t as lucky as we are.

Get to know our Staff and please be patience if it takes a bit to get an answer: we are all volunteers.

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